The winemakers at Tamar Ridge are obsessed with Pinot Noir. This obsession is fueled by their place in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley—allowing them to make some of the most elegant and exciting Pinot Noir on earth. A defining feature of their process is the distinctive blend of their winemaking styles—effortlessly blending instinctive winemaking skills (the art), with bold winemaking innovation (the science). The strategic and creative opportunity for the brand was to reposition this established business as a premium offering within the market by reflecting the exceptionally high quality of their wine and capturing the art and science of their winemaking expertise.

The design approach reflects Tamar Ridge’s distinctive method of winemaking—balancing equal measures of art and science—through combining elements of design elegance and bold visual experimentation. The logomark conveys this balance by referencing both a periodic table element while also creating a strong graphic frame, similar to that of an artist’s canvas. The iconic Tamar River—the lifeblood of the region and a potent symbol of the Tamar Valley itself—carves an elegant diagonal path, creating an anchor for every brand element, including abstract liquid-cloud imagery that evokes both a sense of artistic beauty and scientific detail.