When we started five years ago, we were an event company. Proudly, purely, and awesomely so.

We created content and experiences that delivered great events, all the while developing a community of Australia’s best design and delivery talent. And although we’re still creating and crafting new ideas, the Interweave of today has grown and evolved.

We’re still obsessed with events, but we’re not an events agency. We love working with and building brands, but we’re not a brand agency. We pride ourselves on being design experts, but we’re not a design agency.

What we are is a group of our industry’s best thinkers and makers, working collaboratively to deliver experiences that connect audiences with a story.

Sometimes we concentrate our energy on just one discipline, from our design excellence to our passion for film; and sometimes we weave together all the threads of our craft, from stage to space to screen to storytelling.

In this way, our name is our method. Our thinking is liberated by our understanding of making. And our making is enhanced by our rigour of thought.

This is our difference. This is what drives us. This is Interweave Group.


  • AMP
  • Angove Family Winemakers
  • Brown Brothers
  • Casella Family Brands
  • City of Melbourne
  • Four Pillars Gin
  • Holden
  • Innocent Bystander
  • LifeCircle
  • Matt Blatt
  • Peter Lehmann
  • Telstra
  • Yellow Tail
  • Zeus Street Greek