Four Pillars Gin—Australia’s leading craft gin maker—required a seasonal campaign, positioning the iconic Four Pillars gin and tonic (featuring the distinctive Four Pillars orange garnish) as the seminal drink of the Summer. The resulting campaign was media and concept agnostic—with different aesthetic executions across a multi-location street poster campaign and hero film treatment.

The film—‘The Equation’—is a surrealist take on the classic instructional video, set against a palette of ultra-modern pastels and unusual objects d’art. The four dots of the Four Pillars brandmark provide windows through which disembodied hands effortlessly guide us through a sequence of elaborate scenes—and when they finally withdraw, we are left with the revealed brandmark, and the essential components of a Four Pillars G&T.

By contrast, the associated street poster campaign is a celebration of classic Australian Summers, modern Australian Gin and the humble orange. The series depicts surrealist Monty Python-esque collages featuring iconic Australian landmarks, comprised of vintage imagery with each poster championing a different location, event or collaboration. Visually diverse, yet conceptually aligned.